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Service Overview

Our vehicle tracking devices provide you with live updates every single minute, Google mapping with satellite images and street view. Full report suite including speeding, idling and Excel reports, email reports and customised locations.

Solutions We Offer

Our systems are tailored to your requirements; we are a perfect fit for your vehicle tracking requirements, we also have in-house UK based customer service team.

Using a vehicle tracker gives you and your business many benefits. For example, a vehicle tracker will help to maintain a healthy relationship with clients and promote team efficiency. Also, a vehicle tracker will inevitably save your money as they can highlight fuel wastage, and locate company cost-savings.

GPS tracking in real-time can ensure that you can check (and prove) time of delivery or arrival, and so you can avoid costly disputes.

Track your fleet
Live tracking, every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day from any global location on any desktop or mobile device.
Run detailed reports
Fleetsmart provide a comprehensive report suite delivering information on a multitude of fleet management information.
Lower Costs
Utilise your fleet more efficiently, route optimally, reduce unauthorised usage, reduce excess idling and save money.
Increase Profits
Produce accurate time sheets, eliminate false overtime claims, save 10-25% on annual fuel spend.

Vehicle trackers are also helpful for security measures. The impact on a business when a vehicle or vehicles are stolen can be huge.

This may include the cost of day to day disruption, insurance premium increase, and not to mention the cost of the contents of the vehicle itself; expensive tools and equipment for example.

Fleet management with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and routing. A GPS tracker can revolutionise your business. Our proven solutions combine to help you manage and track your fleet to maximise utilisation and productivity, and reduce fuel usage. The cost savings from installing GPS fleet trackers can be substantial.

Journey replay provides reports so you can see when and where a vehicle stopped, if it was speeding at any time, if the vehicle went off route or made unscheduled stops. Using state-of-the-art vehicle tracking devices gives you instant access to real-time data about your vehicles.This allows you to go back in time to assess driver performance, efficiency, routes, fuel use, stops and starts and other data.

Geo-fence will let you be alerted any time a tracker enters or exits an area you choose. Geo-fence alerts are set by location and time- you are notified if a vehicle enters or exits a location for a certain period of time. You should be confident your vehicles are not moving outside of working hours. Use the circle geo-fence to set a perimeter around your parking lot or warehouse and you'll know instantly if vehicles are moving out of the area when they shouldn't.

One of our most powerful features, is our Fleetsmart tracking reports, which are a convenient way to get a complete picture of a fleet’s activities. You can view any of our features, in terms of a chosen time scale. Whether you want to look at fuel costs per day, per month, or per year, you decide how far back you want information for, and your vehicle tracking device will tell you.

Business owners and managers can choose to receive email and SMS alerts that provide daily reports and analyses by either fleet or driver.Receive periodic fleet and vehicle status reports, or choose to receive notification when vehicles speed, venture outside of their service area or exhibit unusual behaviour. Some employers spend a lot of time away from their office, so they do not have the luxury of monitoring vehicle activities during the day. Email and SMS alerts give these employers an easy way to stay connected with their businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.

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