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VoIP Service Overview

All the phone systems that we install at Telitel can be equipped with a range of modern stylish handsets.  The latest handsets enable you to do so much more than just make and receive calls and are all designed to make internal and external communications really straightforward and simple. Colour and touch responsive screens allow a wider spectrum of information to be displayed and accessed quickly, so it really is time for that Rolodex or file of old business cards to make way for modern technology.

It is no longer necessary to keep an instruction manual in the top drawer either, because intelligent handset menus make all the normal call handling tasks intuitive and easy to recall. A modern phone system can provide real advantages for your business.

How Telitel can help

Whatever your business circumstances, we can respond to them and provide you with a modern, scalable and flexible solution. Together we will thrive, grow and adapt to meet your changing business needs.

Are you just starting up? Maybe you are a small to medium business, perhaps a public sector organisation, or even an enterprise concern?
You may be on one site or spread across many, with home and remote workers. We can offer my exceptional voice everywhere to all of you and set your communications free at a cost that will make perfect sense when compared to traditional voice systems or alternative hosted solutions.

System Core
Allows you to make and receive calls, leave and access voicemail and provides music-on-hold, as well as hunt groups, so you can use me to support all of your business communications.
You can link all your sites together into one phone system, by either using one of the feature packages or your existing phone system. You will benefit from free calls between them and can configure inbound numbers to ring where you want them to.
Three-party conferencing is included in my core feature package, but for sessions of up to 20 people, use my state of the art conferencing bridge to schedule meetings and invite participants.
Call recording
You can make sure you record those all-important calls, no matter which device you use, then access them through my intuitive portal. The process is industry compliant and you can use my data centers to the store calls safely and securely.

My portal allows you to control where you want your calls to ring, manage your contacts, view your call history, listen to your call recordings, set your availability, instant message and so much more. 

You can control how inbound calls are routed, set up hunt groups and report on activity across the business. 

My smart, easy-to-use interface has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, meaning you can harness all the power of my features without having to navigate around complicated menus and read lots of technical jargon. 

In the event of an emergency or service disruption at one site, my portal allows you to quickly configure alternative call routing options, so you carry on working as normal. 

I know that lost calls can mean lost business, so I will make sure that you can always call your customers and they can always reach you, whatever happens.

Our mobile App lets you use all of my features on the go, through your smartphone or tablet. 

Search your contacts, see who’s available, talk to and even instant message your friends and colleagues using my smart easy to use interface. 

You control where your calls ring, set your current availability or even set your future availability right from your mobile device without needing to log in to my portal.

Your mobile App really does let you harness the power of mobility allowing you and your business to benefit from reduced costs and increased productivity.

If you need to access my features from a desktop phone, I have selected the best handsets for you to use including Mitel and Yealink. 

Do you need the flexibility of mobility but still want a desktop phone? I can also support a range of cordless handsets and headsets.

Discover how we can help.
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