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Broadband Service Overview

Every business needs reliable and rapid internet access and the amount of data generated and consumed is only ever going to increase, yet many organisations are grappling with an inferior service to the one that they are used to at home. 

A basic business grade broadband service with a suitable router might be sufficient for a two to three-person business, but with the wider availability of fibre broadband and lower cost Ethernet technologies, with more robust service level agreements, then why not let us advise you on how you can insulate your business from the frustrations of slow or intermittent connectivity. Larger business customers may well want to connect various sites and share large amounts of data between them.  

Resilience is likely to be super important for these customers too, but with the expertise available at Telitel, we are able to advise on the most effective solution to keep your business connected. Convergence is now a viable option for any size of business, so let Telitel explain how our IPSDN or VoIP solutions could help you to run your voice and data communications on the same connection, with no compromise on resilience or quality.

Solutions We Offer

From simple and straightforward ADSL business broadband to lightning-fast fibre ethernet circuits, Telitel  creates business internet and data solutions for every office. Our services are backed by our exceptional UK-based support teams, dedicated to keeping your connection running at full tilt – and your office at maximum productivity.

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband – FTTC
Ultra-fast fibre broadband Internet connectivity.
Ethernet Circuits (Leased Lines)
Ethernet provides dedicated, uncontended data circuits with industry leading SLAs backed by service credits.
ADSL 2+ Business Broadband
Where your office is not yet enabled for fibre broadband then 21st century network ADSL 2+ business broadband is your next stop.
DSL Backup Circuits
For ultimate network uptime performance, MG includes a free of charge backup circuit with our Premium broadband and Ethernet circuits.
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